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3 of the Most Gorgeous Homes on the Cincinnati MLS Right Now

Cincinnati is full of some amazing architecture. All across the city, home styles range from french colonial and tudor to modern and contemporary. Cincinnati has some of the most gorgeous homes, and luckily for us, some of them are on the MLS right now. Below is a compilation of some of the most gorgeous homes for sale, right now.  1. 9105 Kugler Mill Rd. Indian Hill, OH 45243 We can let some of these images speak for themselves... I mean, just look at it! Who wouldn't drool over its expansive front lawn covered in fresh, green grass? Surrounded by various sources of vegetation, this home is absolutely stunning.  This gorgeous estate offers ample space for your collection of literature. Personally,...

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Why Buy English Traditions Upholstery & Leather?

Buying upholstery can sometimes be overwhelming. There is a vast selection of frame styles and fabrics, which cater to each and every one of your needs. We have cultivated a list of reasons as to why choosing English Traditions for upholstery and leather is worth it.  1. You are supporting a family business that cares about you.  English Traditions, itself, is a family business that has been functioning for 25 years. Our upholstery lines are family-run as well, and together we strive to please you. Over the past 25 years, English Traditions has focused a great amount on the quality of everything we carry through our doors and/or order to your home. We value our relationships with our customers, we tell...

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