3 of the Most Gorgeous Homes on the Cincinnati MLS Right Now

Cincinnati is full of some amazing architecture. All across the city, home styles range from french colonial and tudor to modern and contemporary. Cincinnati has some of the most gorgeous homes, and luckily for us, some of them are on the MLS right now. Below is a compilation of some of the most gorgeous homes for sale, right now. 

1. 9105 Kugler Mill Rd. Indian Hill, OH 45243

We can let some of these images speak for themselves...

I mean, just look at it! Who wouldn't drool over its expansive front lawn covered in fresh, green grass? Surrounded by various sources of vegetation, this home is absolutely stunning. 

This gorgeous estate offers ample space for your collection of literature. Personally, I love the color that full bookshelves can introduce into a space. The miscellaneous placement of the books also makes a statement, as they are functional, yet beautiful at the same time. Nothing is better than when something can double as an activity and a piece of decor!

Although this home is beautiful all-around, its primary beauty is held outside of its doors. The beautiful windows in every possible nook and cranny bring the outdoors in and brighten up the whole home. A stunning lap pool lays in the back, just beyond a brick wall lined with bushes. Once again, we can let these images speak for themselves...

Images courtesy Robinson Sotheby's International Realty robinsonsir.com

2. 3905 Utopia Pl. Mt. Lookout OH 45208

Sometimes, the smaller homes carry the most charm. 

The shape of this home is intriguing. It works well with the colors chosen, and I love the front door. Once again, this home offers fresh, green grass and is surrounded by various sources of shade and vegetation. 

You walk in to see this extremely well-furnished room, that focuses on simplicity. This focus is shown primarily through the use of a neutral color palette, bringing the most amount of color via an oriental rug and some sort of poster. I personally love the worn look of the leather sofa and the mismatching of the chairs. The layout works well, too, because the longevity of the room is accentuated and it carries the eye forward. 

Lastly, this home has numerous windows in every room that bring in tons of light. I love the gallery wall and the scattered placement of art on each wall. The lighting works incredibly well, as it keeps things cozy and warm. 

Images courtesy Robinson Sotheby's International Realty robinsonsir.com

3. 3562 Burch Ave. Cincinnati OH 45208

This traditional home, located in Hyde Park, is simply gorgeous! It is covered in beautiful, light-colored brick that creates a feeling of airiness and simplicity. 

Big front porches are wanted by many people, and this house offers just that-- a vast porch that spans across the whole front of the home. Also, like the other homes, it has the perfect combination of shade and sun. Overall, the exterior of this home is simple, yet gorgeous. 

Who doesn't love a beautiful hardwood floor? This home is filled with them! Tons of windows create beautiful light in every corner, and the neutral color scheme keeps things cozy and simple. 

Images courtesy Sibcy Cline Realtors sibcycline.com


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