Why Buy English Traditions Upholstery & Leather?

Buying upholstery can sometimes be overwhelming. There is a vast selection of frame styles and fabrics, which cater to each and every one of your needs. We have cultivated a list of reasons as to why choosing English Traditions for upholstery and leather is worth it. 

1. You are supporting a family business that cares about you. 

English Traditions, itself, is a family business that has been functioning for 25 years. Our upholstery lines are family-run as well, and together we strive to please you. Over the past 25 years, English Traditions has focused a great amount on the quality of everything we carry through our doors and/or order to your home. We value our relationships with our customers, we tell the truth, and we follow through with what we promise. By ordering upholstery and leather through English Traditions, you are ensured that your piece is exactly what you were looking for. 

2. Pieces are 100% bench-made in the USA. 

Our upholstery lines are constructed with premium cushioning, hard-wood frames, and traditional, 8-way hand-tie spring systems. In simpler terms, our upholstery is made with the highest quality materials, on a work bench, instead of a machine. 

3. You are investing in the future. 

By purchasing our upholstery, not only do you experience the fun of designing your perfect piece, you invest in your future. What do we mean by this? With high-end upholstery and leather pieces from our lines, you are sure to get the nicest possible product that will stand the test of time. 

4. The fabric selection

When purchasing upholstery through English Traditions, you have the option of buying right off of our floor or designing your perfect piece. With a wide range of fabrics, the process of designing a custom piece of furniture is very enjoyable as our employees know what works best on what and are more than happy to supply you with a second opinion. Need to introduce some color into your space? Not a problem, we have exactly what you need-- a fabric center full of beautiful fabrics ranging from colorful and bold to neutral and cozy. 

5. You can choose your finish.

Wesley Hall offers more than 40 hand-applied wood finishes-- traditional stains, lacquer, and metallic options. The possibilities are endless and your options suit every possible taste. 

6. The style selection

Our lines all offer an extensive and broad array of style choices that can please anyone and fit in any space. Our catalog is user friendly with pages full of premium upholstery, bar & dining, and occasional products. 

7. Comfort is key. 

When you come into the store and sit down in a piece to test it, you are not going to want to get back up. We focus greatly on comfort and, by choosing English Traditions, you will receive nothing but the best-- comfortable and full of quality. 

8. We take special requests.

"Yes" is our favorite word, it's in our DNA. Bring on your special requests-- custom details, custom lengths, you name it. When we can, we do. We want you to be happy with your product and we will do whatever it takes. 

9. Consistency

We pay attention to quality, comfort, design, and many other things. We want to make sure that everything we carry through our doors and/or order to your home is consistent with the things that we swear by. 


Overall, designing your upholstery and leather through English Traditions is a fun and pleasurable experience that enables you to cultivate the product of your dreams. Our biggest goal is to make your experience the most enjoyable that it can be and to ensure that you get exactly what you want. 

Next time that you're on the hunt for beautiful, high-end upholstery, choose English Traditions!

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