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Our Vintage School Maps Will Evoke a Memory of Being Back In School

Vintage school maps are a fantastic way to add a pop of color to a wall; their distinct and graphic lines tell a lively story and may even evoke a memory of being back in school or pinpoint a memorable journey you may have taken.  Click here to shop this map! All of us here at English Traditions are suckers for a vintage school map. Their vibrant colors and dynamic lines are irresistible and always leave us entertained.  Click here to shop this map! Easily paired with antique furniture and accessories, vintage school maps are one of the easiest things to decorate with. They look good against anything and can match any interior design style. Whether you like modern, traditional, or rustic...

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Why We Love Local Cincinnati Artist, Karin Sheer

Karin Sheer is a local Cincinnati artist who specializes in landscapes, seascapes, and still life oil paintings.  "Beach Boy" is shown above. Karin Sheer has been a fixture at English Traditions for over ten years and she still continues to amaze us with each and every piece that she brings through our doors.  "Egret" is shown above.  Karin paints things that strike her eye. She finds inspiration in things ranging from a dilapidated barn near the Irish Sea to the neighborhood cat, Domino, who finds himself in a sunbeam on her porch. In every piece that she creates, her close attention to detail is extremely apparent. She is a master of texture and color and is always able to find the...

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There's So Much to Love About French Confit Pots

There's so much more to love about confit pots than their beautiful appearance and striking colors. The word "confit" stems from the French word "confire", meaning "to preserve." Antique confit pots were historically used before refrigeration was invented as containers to cook and preserve duck in duck fat. The French pot itself is quite unique. Its glazed, yellow top and clay bottom differentiates it from any other pot. It is most notably recognized in Vincent van Gogh's sunflower painting, and has been a staple in kitchens for centuries.  Image courtesy of Wikipedia    The top half of the pot was typically colored a mustard yellow. Some were green and some were colorless, but confit pots are predominantly yellow. The bottom of the...

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Celebrating 25 Years: Through Mary Cordill's Eyes

I recently sat down with my Mimi, Mary Cordill, the owner and founder of English Traditions. I asked her questions regarding her experience in this business and what it feels like to celebrate 25 years of English Traditions. Her story is extremely inspirational to me as it teaches a lesson of perseverance and keeping faith in yourself, even in the hardest of times. Her responses to these questions are below.   Why did you do it? “I have always loved antiques. Living in Connecticut, I encountered many pieces of antique pine furniture and I soon realized I could buy and sell these pieces while making money on them. I absolutely loved the ‘look’ and I was ‘hooked’. I took a leap...

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