Make the Most of the Winter Blues

Ah, the first snow of the winter has arrived, leaving a dusting on our front yards, roofs, and the trees that line our streets. For some of us, this white covering brings jubilation and excitement. Winter has finally arrived! For others, this thick, wet powder is like the rain on a parade. The last glimpses of green are engulfed in white and we're left itching to get inside. However, both parties can agree on one thing; winter evokes a craving for the warmth of our own homes and the comfort of our families. At English Traditions, we find this longing so eminently important. Why not create a space in which you can't wait to sit back and relax? Winter is the perfect time to amass your inspiration and create the room of your dreams, whatever that may entail. So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite "winter blues".

Image courtesy of One Kings Lane.

Blue & White Porcelain

Using blue and white chinoiserie (European imitation of Chinese and East Asian artistic traditions) is one of the most timeless design decisions that you can make. No matter the time of year, this beautiful decor parallels any design style and looks fantastic anywhere it's put.

What's so great about a blue and white color scheme is that it can lean toward modern and contemporary or it can lean completely traditional and classic. The basic color scheme allows for easy design, too; it effortlessly pairs with any other hue. As seen in the picture, the juxtaposition between the lush greenery and ornate porcelain brings forth the bright colors of both elements. All together, this simple design works so skillfully.

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Blue & White Upholstery

Upholstery is always fun, especially when there's a whole wall of opportunities in the back of our stores. We always say that you can't go wrong with a blue and white color scheme. Now, how bold you want the contrast to be is up to you, but we cannot express our fondness of this design enough; you are sure to yield a fantastically charming and classic space.

Mixing patterns is another way to differentiate a seemingly "boring" two color design palette. In the picture, a simple, one-stripe duvet is amplified with a paisley-ish patterned quilt, bringing the most out of the plain pairing.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

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Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Blue & White Bookshelves

Bookshelves are some of the most fun things to design. There is a profusion of possibilities when it comes to shelf arrangement and object placement. In this image, the focal point of the design is primarily the blue and white porcelain chinoiserie that brings the ever-loved blue and white design to life.

However, this blue and white focus is humbled by gold frames and lush greenery of all sorts that fuses together to create an all around beautifully arranged set of shelves.

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