Why Hand-Crafted Furniture is Better Than Flat Pack

When it comes to designing a home from scratch, renovating a space, or simply re-doing a room, there are many decisions that must be made. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, not knowing where to shop or who to trust. However, at English Traditions, all of these worries can be put to rest as you will know that your dream design is in good hands. Below is a compilation of reasons as to why hand-crafted furniture is a better decision (and investment) than other flat-pack options. 

1. Assured Quality

Many of us have dealt with cheaply made furniture before, possibly on the verge of falling apart. Although it may be cheaper at the time of purchase, flat-pack furniture will begin to prove its quality quickly. Before you know it, that $400 couch hurts your back and is losing all comfortability and structure. 

By choosing hand-crafted furniture, you can be assured that whatever you choose will withstand the test of time. Some things may not be cheap, but English Traditions refuses to compromise on quality because we want you to have your dream piece forever. 

2. Customer Service

At English Traditions, we pride ourselves on having superb customer service because we know how much it matters. By choosing to design a room or simply a piece of furniture through English Traditions, you will be guaranteed top of the line customer service and a fast response to any question. We are customer oriented, and wish to provide you with exactly what you want. 


3. One of a Kind Furnishings

Whether it be an antique dresser or a hand-crafted, bench-made dining table, all of English Traditions' furnishings are one-of-a-kind. You will not find a chest, dresser, armoire, or confit pot just like what we have. Furniture is a vital part of daily life; make it special by knowing that you have a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that is characteristic to you and only you. 


4. Customization

Furnishing an old house can be very difficult with its oddly shaped rooms and random alcoves. By choosing hand-crafted furniture, you have the option to design a piece to fit exactly where you need it. Flat-pack furniture is limited to a certain size and shape of a product when you pick it off of the shelf. Hand-crafted furniture is exactly the opposite. 


5. You're Supporting Local Business

Independent businesses like English Traditions have a relationship with almost every customer who walks through the front door. By choosing hand-crafted, high quality furnishings provided by local business, you not only get to experience the fun of design, but you get to help out a community and family-owned business. 


English Traditions is here to provide you with exactly what you want. By choosing to shop through us, you are guaranteed assured quality, superb customer service, and the ability to experience the pleasure in designing furniture.

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