What Is Wesley Hall's 'Quick & Easy' Program?

“Our design professionals have created an alternative to the time-consuming and confusing process of selecting upholstery that is comfortable, durable, sophisticated, in addition to being a personal expression of your own sense of style. This unique upholstery program combines today’s most fashionable silhouettes with a choice of designer-selected correlating fabrics. So turn to the pros and let us make sense out of a slew of seemingly endless upholstery options. In no time, you can find the quality, comfort, and style you have been searching for!”

The Wesley Hall Quick & Easy program features a selection of frames and fabrics available at a reduced price.

Step One

Choose your desired silhouette from the list of Quick & Easy silhouette options.

Step Two

Choose your fabric and finish from the list of Quick & Easy fabric and finish options.

Step Three

Place your order.

It's that easy! Due to the current circumstance, the lead time is about 14 weeks (which is considerably faster than other vendors!)

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