We're Loving Wesley Hall's Fabrics

Choosing a fabric to upholster your custom pieces may seem like the biggest decision in the world, with all of the options available. You can never go wrong with a timeless, solid fabric; keep it simple with a neutral color or make a statement with a bold color choice. Here are 13 of our favorite Wesley Hall solids. 

1. Gent in Aloe

2. Pierre in Jute

3. Templar in Pewter

4. Gibson in Normandy

5. Margo in Beige

6. Karpa in Maize

7. Henley in Cotton

8. C-Banks in Ivy

9. Gibson in Souffle

10. Barlow in Sesame

11. Rosemary in Cement

12. Rosemary in Oyster

13. Moresby in Oyster

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