Welcome Back, Mother's Month

Its officially May and, sadly, this time of year is extremely different than usual. As new guidelines control our days, it’s easy to feel trapped under these circumstances. We get it-- this virus is affecting everyone. However, in times like these we must remain hopeful and seek inspiration in the beauty around us-- this month especially.

Last May, we introduced a new, month-long promotion called Mother’s Month in which we celebrated all of the incredible women who go by “Mom”. English Traditions is happy to extend this celebration by offering discounts on upholstery, lighting, antiques, and so much more the entire month of May. Let’s get back in the groove-- just in time to celebrate Mom!

Over 28 years ago, my Mimi, Mary Cordill, founded English Traditions with a container full of English and Irish pine and her keen eye for timeless home interiors. The relationship she and I have created over the eighteen years of my life is more special than I can even explain. I wouldn’t trade driving down Cincinnati’s beautiful streets, raving at the stunning homes that she has taught me to love, for the world. I will forever cherish the times we flip through an issue of Architectural Digest or Milieu together after dinner and talk about what we like and what we don’t. Everyday, I subconsciously thank my Mimi for all that she has taught me about how to cherish the beauty of a home and the memories that take place in it.

May is the perfect time to celebrate your mom-- especially under these circumstances. We value the patience and gentle nature of mothers during these times and we’re more than happy to offer discounts on things we both know she’ll love. Whether it’s a candle, an armoire, or a living room remodel, we are more than ready to help you create something she deserves.

We are excited to open our doors later this month and we’re looking forward to working with you during this beautiful time of year. We encourage you to remain hopeful, seek inspiration in the beauty around you, and tell your mom you love her. Stay tuned so you don’t miss out on this month’s deals. We can’t wait to assist after May 12th-- Happy Mother’s Month!

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