Votivo's Best Spring Scents

Chances are, spring fever has hit your household. This warm weather likely leaves you longing for days spent with windows down on lush side roads, passing bright and lively flowers as you drive around completing your daily errands. Anything that elevates the excitement of spring and all it brings is much needed by all of us, and we think we know what that is... Votivo candles!!

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Clean Crisp White

This is one of Votivo's cleanest scents- it's even in the name! Whether you're cleaning the winter coats out of your front closets or dusting the base boards, burning Clean Crisp White will surely evoke the memories of springs past. Not only this, but it will leave your home smelling beautifully, with the perfect mix of fruity citrus and sandalwood.

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Pink Mimosa

Like I already stated, I'm positive you're longing for the sight of vivid blossoms and the sweet smell of freshly cut flowers. Pink Mimosa presents mandarin and strawberry, but is toned down by a muted vanilla rum scent. This perfect mix of bubbliness seemingly puts color into the smell of the air. Who wouldn't want that? Pink Mimosa is definitely a must for the spring and summer seasons.

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White Iris

A little bit more subdued and earthy, White Iris offers a balanced mixture of lightness and intensity. Not only does it smell fantastic, but all Votivo candles simply look fantastic. They're simple, but unique from others so as to look great atop a stack of magazines or on a server in the dining room. Stop by the store and pick some up or shop online! You won't regret investing in Votivo, we can guarantee it.

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