Three Elements of a Farmhouse Kitchen

A lot of us find charm and beauty in the farmhouse style; whether it's a kitchen or a living room, the coziness of this design style is easy to appreciate. Here are three of what we think are the most important components of a farmhouse style kitchen that you can emulate simply by adding any of the following into your space. Enjoy!

Image courtesy of Country Living.

1. Open Shelving

Maintaining the charm of your home while also ensuring functionality is one of the most vital parts of kitchen design. If your home is/was, in fact, a farmhouse, you may want to consider open shelving. Not only does it conserve the charm of your home's bones, it completely opens up any space, making it feel much larger and brighter. Although this isn't exclusive to the farmhouse style, open shelving gives you the opportunity to display that set of tableware that's too pretty to keep unseen.

This can be done in more ways than we can count and will look great in literally any kitchen. This image shows how a light wood set of shelves creates the perfect country-chic look.

Image courtesy of Tony Vu.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

2. Slipcovered Furniture

Farmhouse kitchens are known to never go out of style. Likewise, slipcovered furniture has never and will never see its demise. The two elements, together, work seamlessly and look fantastic. Whether it's implemented via your barstools, that chair in the corner, or even if your dining room is in the middle of your kitchen (like this image), a slipcover won't ever do you wrong.

Put any of our performance fabrics to the test on our wide array of slipcover models. Stop by the shop and see what's in store for your space!

Image courtesy of Heidi Cailier.

Image courtesy of Real Homes.

3. The Butler Sink

At this point, everyone knows what a butler sink is. There's no denying all that they add to any design, however, their utilitarian "vibe" is emulous of the farmhouse kitchens of history. Not only do they look amazing, but they're extremely useful. Because of their extra depth and usually large size, a butler sink is the perfect way to maintain charm while ensuring functionality in the kitchen.

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