Some of The Most Exciting Pieces From Our Last Shipment

Great news! We have a shipment coming hopefully late May to early June, and we couldn't be more excited. Strictly French pieces, this shipment contains some really cool things that we think will look great in any home they're placed. Here are some of our favorite things from this past trip to France. 

These bamboo chairs have fantastic lines and are surprisingly comfortable. They're effortless, charming, and can be easily accessorized. Bamboo is also a classic summer material; perfect for the porch, the dining room, and especially the living room. 

How about these rattan chairs? Their structure is sturdy and firm, but their shape allows for so much comfort and ease. Their unique coloring also adds to their handsomeness and charm, as it's classic and beautiful and is sure to look great against almost anything.

There is something so special about antique grandfather clocks. They provide so much to awe at; an amazing grain, beautiful coloring, and of course, a gorgeous clock face. We picked this one up at a fair in France and we're so excited for it to find a home!

We're suckers for little finds like this. This piece carries a beautiful wood grain and an amazing finish. It's simple, yet charming-- one of the best combinations. 

Yahoo for Bamboo!! Every time we see bamboo furniture like this with unique lines and good bones, we snatch it up as fast as we can. Pictures above is a chair set with a matching side table and a wall shelf. Bamboo is classic and looks fantastic anywhere it's put. The egg shape of these chairs makes them stand out from the crowd and makes them definite conversation starters. 

Although the setting in which this photo was taken is not so glorious, this vanity-chair set is absolutely adorable. It's miniature and would look amazing in a kid's room. 

Once again, not the most beautiful setting, but this bamboo desk is nothing but amazing! It has such unique lines and combines varying textures so well. The disconnected drawers that are supported by the base definitely make this desk stand out from the rest. 

At English Traditions, we are drawn to so many different types of furniture and we love to experiment with this furniture to see where it works. We are drawn to lines and bones and we love finding the most unique pieces that we can find amid the craziness from these fairs. Stop by today and shop our cultivation of unique, timeless quality.




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