The Beginner's Guide to Lighting

There are three different types of lighting that create a wide range of visual effects. 

Task Lighting:

Task lighting is a specific type of lighting that is used to do a specific job. For example, when drawing a sketch, a task light is needed to draw more light to one particular thing. In that case, it would be the drawing. Without task light, doing everyday things like shopping online at, cooking, and many other things would be difficult because overhead light would create a shadow on the area that you are trying to focus on. 

Ambient Lighting: 

Ambient lighting is the most common form of lighting. Otherwise known as "overhead lighting", it is used to replace daylight. By itself, ambient lighting can be very boring. It can create a level of flatness and blandness to a room. By combining ambient lighting with the other forms of lighting, your goal of creating soft, relaxing light will be achieved seamlessly. 

Accent Lighting: 

Accent lighting is used to fill dark corners and cast shadows in other places. This type of lighting gives texture and draws focus to certain areas of a space. The majority of table lamps, sconces, floor lamps, etc. on and in the store serve this purpose. 

       Accent Lighting               Ambient Lighting                Task Lighting


Getting to know where you put all of these types of lighting can be very difficult, that's why we're here!

Living Room: 

Living rooms come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles and therefore require different types of lighting than other rooms. The living room is the perfect place to experiment with the various types of lighting and get to know what works and what does not work. From chandeliers to sconces to table lamps, the focus of the light should be on specific areas of the space, without missing out on the overall lighting of the room. 

Dining Room: 

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about a dining room is probably a custom Michel Ferrand dining table designed through English Traditions or a beautiful antique piece with a story. The focus of dining room light should be on this table. A dimmer is also recommended so that you can set the brightness of the bulb based on the occasion. 


Bedrooms call for comfortable lighting. Table lamps on a pair of antique side tables create warm, soft light and allow for a cozy feel. Sconces beside or above your headboard create a very classic, luxurious feel. 


All in all, lighting can be very hard. English Traditions is here for you! Stop in either our Cincinnati location or our Naples location and talk to our design associates to find out what lighting you need to bring texture and life into your space. Happy shopping! 

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