How to Flawlessly Style Your Coffee Table

If everything were perfect, we'd all have impeccably decorated coffee tables. Stacks of color coded fashion books, vases of fresh flowers, and designer candles would fill our surfaces. However, things aren't always perfect, and most of our coffee tables are simply a place to put the remotes that haven't been used in six months, the magazine you read last weekend, and other random objects that serve no purpose. Function almost always trumps form, leaving us admiring the coffee tables we see on Pinterest and Instagram. So, how do we create a balance between practicality and style? Here are some things to think about when styling your coffee table.

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Obviously, you can't style a coffee table without, well, a coffee table. Our website and stores are filled with plenty of charming options that will suit any style.

Layer personal objects.

Your coffee table is a reflection of you, as is everything that you design in your home. The coffee table is the perfect place to showcase your style and add a level of personality into the living room. Layering your personal items, like vases, candlesticks, or books will give your surface more dimension by creating a varied dynamic and interesting feel, as well as adding height in areas that seem too flat.

Image courtesy of Liljencrantz Design.

Image courtesy of Homebunch.

Divide and conquer.

For those of you who are aiming for a more geometric or clean look might prefer to divide and conquer. If you have a square table, think about dividing it into four quadrants; if your table is longer than it is deep, think about dividing it into six. One quadrant can showcase a plant, another-- a stack of books, and so on and so forth. Experiment with your options to figure out what looks best. This method will allow you to feel organized while also creating a varied dynamic on your surface.

Image courtesy of Architectural Digest.

Image courtesy of Liljencrantz Design.

Use trays as an organizational tool.

Using trays and boxes to organize your essentials is another fantastic way to keep your coffee table organized and looking great. A box could hide your remotes, those coasters, or any other items you like to keep handy. A tray keeps books, magazines, and other items contained and organized while also adding to an elevated design.

Image courtesy of Citrine Living.

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