Four Ways to Style That Runner

Oftentimes, spaces call for runners. Whether it be a natural fiber option, a decorative pattern, or even a vintage oriental, runners liven up narrow spaces and add more than just interest into a design. Here are four of our favorite ways to style a runner.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

In the Kitchen

No matter the color of your cabinetry, appliances, or even countertops, most kitchens almost always call for a runner.

A muted runner, like the one shown, adds color to the design and fills floor space, but doesn't overwhelm the room.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

By the Tub

Every bathroom needs a rug. Cold tiles are instantly softened and warmed up with rugs of any kind.

Depending on the look of your bathroom, an oriental may be your most perfect choice. If you want more simplicity in a relaxed design, consider a natural fiber runner.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Off the Stairs

A runner in the entryway sets the tone for the rest of the home. Whatever you choose to welcome guests with will leave an impression on them, even when they've made it all the way to the kitchen or the living room.

In this vignette, there seems to be a focus on shades of blue and traditional textiles, setting the tone for the rest of the home.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

In the Hallway (obviously)

Our suggestion to throw a runner down in your hallway is quite possibly the most obvious suggestion you've ever been given. However, the effect of the chosen runner is vital in any design.

In this hallway, white paint and simple trim leave room for a bright and intricately patterned vintage runner that adds color and timelessness to a seemingly boring hallway.

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