There's Just Something About Stripes

We love incorporating stripes into our designs-- there’s just something so classic and charming about this simple pattern. No matter the scale or spot, using stripes is a great way to add visual intrigue into any design style. They pair well with nearly everything, and can be as bold or as subtle as you want. Here are some of our favorite stripes… enjoy!

Image courtesy of Architectural Digest.

Wide Stripes

Wider-set stripes with varying colors make for a more dramatic and fluid-like space. Whether used in a living room or in a more transitional space, like a hallway, bold stripes are a great way to add life into your design. If you want these stripes to be your focal point, try using fun colors and avoid adding too many decor pieces that distract from your pattern. Unless it’s what you’re going for, the last thing you want is for your space to look like a funhouse.

Check out some of our favorite wide stripes!

Edwin Stripe

Japonic Stripe

Manchester Stripe

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There's just something about stripes...

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

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