Some of the Hottest Houses on the Cincinnati MLS Right Now

Cincinnati is filled with beautiful architecture and charming lines. The Cincinnati MLS is always filled with large amounts of character and classic design, therefore, we have gathered a list of some of the hottest houses on the Cincinnati MLS right now.

1. 1120 Fuller St., Mt. Adams, OH

Mt. Adams is known for its tightly packed but beautifully situated homes. This one, in particular, stands out from others on the MLS. 

From the outside, this home is a simple, classic row house. We, personally, love the touch that the blue door brings into its design. Everything from the color to the windows has a little bit of something to adore. 

At English Traditions, we love the look of "organized chaos". This home brings that description into reality with its tasteful merging of colors, shapes, and artwork in its design. We love the union jack pillow, too. ;)

I don't think there's much to say about this staircase other than that it is completely breathtaking. Open staircases, especially in a row house with windows only on the front and back, allow for light to travel through the home without obstruction, creating the ultimate airy feeling.

Photos courtesy Sibcy Cline Realtors.

2. 3061 Erie Ave., Hyde Park, OH

This home has been in the eyes (and hearts!) of many throughout its many years on its prime location on Erie Avenue. As it is a tad bit run down, we're scared that a developer may see it as a prime spot to tear down and rebuild. Let's hope that a home this beautiful can enjoy another 100 years of its glory. Dramatic? We love this house!

What is there not to love about the moss covering this home? Moss with this large of a spread hints at the home's age and history, allowing passersby to envision this home in its early days. 

The home has very few images, but its strong and charming bones are enough to fall in love with. 



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