Six of the Most Amazing Outdoor Spaces

The second I see a hedge, a centimeter of ivy, or a perfectly groomed boxwood, I'm hooked. Outdoor living spaces are often the most enjoyable spaces to design. From the variety plants all the way to the weather-resistant fabric on your lounge chair, every component of outdoor design has the potential to look phenomenal. Here are six of the most amazing outdoor spaces. Enjoy!

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Although it's cliche, less is often more. The beauty of this design stems most purely from the setting; the gravel intrigues our sense of hearing as well as giving the space texture, bringing the design to a whole new level of sophistication and serenity. The simplicity stems from the folding garden chairs paired with a white tablecloth that's sure to rustle in the breeze. The elementary flower arrangement only adds more life to a setting surrounded by nature. There's nothing better than a space with spirit, and this vignette perfectly captures the essence of immersion into nature. Oh, and yes, we spot boxwoods-- our favorite.


Image courtesy of LIF!E.

There's a certain mysticism behind multi-leveled spaces.. especially when ivy is involved. The enclosed level of this space, barely shown in this vignette, is probably a fantastic place for outdoor entertaining. After you've poured yourself a glass of champagne, make your way down the steps to lounge by the pool and sit comfortably in a space shielded by privacy walls and gorgeous ivy.

When coming up with a word to describe this design, the first thing that pops into my mind is "green", but it's not at all overwhelming. In fact, I don't think there can ever be too much green in an outdoor living space. It gives a sense of life and fills empty corners with fresh vegetation.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Transitioning from the "uber-natural" landscapes we've been showcasing, this vignette exhibits the potential luxury of the outdoors. Stark fabrics and a light color scheme enhances the beauty of the surrounding scene. The black pendant lights hanging from a bead-board ceiling contrast but complement each other. The color choice accentuates every little detail; the fence, the vase of hydrangeas, the silver lantern duo, and even the wood grain of the table. There's a little bit to love about everything in this vignette. Luxury and elegance shouldn't be confined to the indoors-- carry them onto the back porch for a seamless transition between an air conditioned room to a soft breeze under the sun. Oh, there are boxwoods here, too...

Image courtesy of Vogue Magazine.

This garden's beautifully chaotic floor tile complements the simplicity of the rest of the setting. An in-wall fountain adorned with ivy, a vase of perfectly pink flowers, and a skinny outdoor fireplace make for a great spot to relax or entertain.

The height of the walls, tree trunks, and crawling ivy draws the eye up to the sun that called us outside in the first place.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

This space is nothing but stunning. A hillside pool that overlooks the surrounding landscape is something we all desire, whether it's on our properties or our vacation destinations. The repetitive placement of oversized terra cotta planters gives a sense of continuity into the nature we're immersed in. The aged wood of the lounge chairs paired with the beautiful light fabric makes for a uniquely tasteful combination that accompanies the surrounding scene. You guessed it, we can't forget about those fabulous boxwoods...

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Like I said, I'm a sucker for hedges. The designer of this charming garden did a fantastic job bringing the hedge to the next level. The rusted metal entry gate not only gives the hedge a function, but turns it into an architectural element.

The vertically slatted garden chairs augment the height of the trees and the gravel triggers our sense of hearing, as well as introducing plenty of texture and variety into a space so simple. There's a lot to love in this design, from the bottom to the top, this courtyard feeling garden fantastically brings the indoors outside without sacrificing luxury and sophistication. We love it.

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