Signature Elements: The Easy Approach to Designing Your Perfect Piece

"Signature Elements is the ideal sales tool for today's custom upholstery purchase. It helps you identify the most important design elements for each client; and allows you to incorporate those features into upholstery that is customized to fit individual tastes and homes. Use the Signature Elements brochure and order form to quickly guide your clients through their selections, one element at a time-from base, arm and back to seating depth. The process is easy and the result is superior quality upholstered furniture that is tailor-made to satisfy each client's unique wants and needs." 

I sat down with our Cincinnati store's manager, Megann Bailey, to discuss why we love the ease that Signature Elements brings to the world of upholstery.


Q: In a couple of words, describe Signature Elements.

A: A simple and easy way in which you can find and design your perfect piece of furniture.


Q: Would you say that Signature Elements is your most popular line or line of service?

A: By far! You are able to stop sifting through the thousands of models out there and to quickly narrow down exactly what you’re looking for. It simplifies the ordering process, and is extremely easy to work with.


Q: From when I walk through the front door to when I’m completely finished with everything, can you guide me through the process?

A: It’s a very simple process. What kind of furniture are you looking for? A chair? A loveseat? An apartment sofa? After you figure out exactly what piece of furniture you’re looking for by easily choosing your legs, back, arm, finish, and fabric, (shown below) you’re ready to order. Expect your piece to be delivered within 6-8 weeks, and then sit back and relax on your own, custom furniture!


Q: Where do I get pricing for something I design through Signature Elements?

A: Just call us, email us (, or stop by the store! We are happy to answer any questions and are here to alleviate any confusion. 


Q: What would you say is the most exciting thing about Signature Elements?

A: I personally love how easy and fun the process is for myself and for the customer. The most exciting thing would probably be that you get to design your own custom piece of furniture and see it come to life extremely easily! 


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