Play With Paint Colors This Fall

After months of monotony and boredom, we're all dying to see some change. Whether it be in our homes, our routines, or even in the coffee we drink in the morning, now is the time to switch it up and have some fun-- why not?! We've always said that one of the best ways to refresh your home is by updating your paint colors. No matter the scale of the project, painting is a simple way to revive forgotten areas of your home. Here are some of our favorite projects that we've seen lately. Enjoy!

Image courtesy of The Design Files.

The Front Door

Everybody knows the effect changing the color of the door can have-- it's a quick switch that can easily elevate the facade of your home.

The paint you choose obviously depends on the color of your home, the style of architecture, and the surrounding homes on your street. We love this shade of blue; it's inviting yet bold, and it's the perfect preview for the rest of the home. Don't view door color as a permanent change! It's easy enough to switch colors if or when you get sick of your decision.

Image courtesy of Elle Decor.

Be Bold

Monochromatic color schemes are often a go-to for many designs. However, these schemes do not have to be neutral. Sometimes the most unusual color choices yield the most amazing designs. We suggest going with your gut. If you have even an inkling of an urge to choose an untraditional paint shade, do it! It's an easy fix if you end up hating it or getting sick of it down the road. It never hurts to try.

"Monochromatic does not have to be pale. Colors like cobalt blue, kelly green, or even aubergine can evoke monochromatic in a daring way that’s full of personality and elegance." - Jonathan Rachman of Decorist

Carry Color Down to the Trim

Have you found the absolute perfect color for the staircase or bathroom? Don't be afraid to go crazy with it- -paint the trim, paint the shelves, do whatever you can to add interest into your design. Powder rooms are an especially fun place to choose bold wallpapers, wall trims, and shades of paint. Light or dark, flat or glossy, the trim deserves the same attention.

Pay attention to how the light hits your space in different times of day; one room may call for a lighter shade than another based solely on the amount of light that it receives.

Image courtesy of The Design Files.

Image courtesy of Dunn Edwards.

Image courtesy of Project Allen Designs.

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