Our Favorite Newly Added Lighting

At English Traditions, our inventory is always changing. We add new furniture, lighting, accessories, etc. to make sure that our customers are satisfied and always faced with something fresh. We remove pieces that have discontinued or items that no longer appeal to our shoppers. Shopping online is fun; you get to look through new inventory, while simultaneously browsing older items that you may have never noticed before. Our vast selection of unique, timeless pieces makes cultivating whole rooms or adding to an existing design more enjoyable than ever. Here are some of our favorite, newly added pieces of lighting.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are quintessential in room design. Whether you're visualizing a bedroom, a home library, a living room, or even a dining room, you should be thinking about them. They possess the much needed and practical function of illuminating our homes, but they also double as extremely important design features. By choosing the right style and finish, a floor lamp could easily add visual interest and beauty, all while maintaining its utility. We're always improving our collection, adding new elements of various categories to keep you, our customers, interested. The three lamps shown above will prove to look fantastic in any space. Their excellent craftsmanship proves their durability and allows them to be features we design our rooms around, in some cases.  


Sconces, whether implemented for practical use or decorative, are beautiful design elements. Above, the far left (or top if you're on a mobile phone) has extremely straight lines and definitive symmetry. If your design is soft with curved edges and flowing lines, think about adding something "harsh" like this sconce in order to break up the fluidity of a space. On the other hand, a picture light, like the one in the middle, is perfect for illuminating that art that your design's color scheme may be pulled from. Its brass finish allows it to stand out, while also staying subdued. In all, a sconce is a practical, yet crucial design element.


Pendants are sometimes some of the most difficult pieces of lighting to implement into a design. Because they're commonly placed above kitchen islands and peninsulas, making sure that their shapes and finishes don't clash with countertops or cabinet style isn't always the easiest task. However, by choosing something simple yet distinct, like all of the options above, you can rest assured that your pendant light will not only provide light above your beautiful countertop, but also be a beautiful design feature.

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