It's Time to Refresh For Summer

With Summer comes the important task of refreshing and giving things a new look. One of the easiest ways to do this is with paint. Whether it be picking up a piece of furniture with good bones and adding a personal touch with some paint or even painting a whole room. 

Recently, we completely redid our Naples location; we tore out the old sisal carpet and exposed the cement floors. We tore down some of the obtrusive walls, and we painted the whole store. By doing this, it completely revived our Naples location and brought more life into the space. 

We wanted to do something similar in Cincinnati, but we also wanted to keep our cozy sisal carpet, as it looks so good with all of the different wood finishes in our store. After a day of going back and forth to the hardware store with multiple different paint samples of shades of white, we finally decided on a color and got to work. The old shade of tan was scuffed, a little bit dark, and hadn't been touched since we moved back to our O'Bryonville location a couple years back. 

With a store as eclectic as ours, it's difficult to move things around-- it's like a puzzle. We had to figure out exactly how everything in the store could be moved from against the wall and into the middle. After a quite bewildering rearrangement of everything in the store, we exposed every wall and called the painters. 

The list goes on about why we chose the off-white color to put on our walls. For one, it's brighter. Brightness is always refreshing. When light bounces off of it, it creates a feeling of airiness and ease. Also, white, being a basic color, looks great against everything in the store. No matter what wood finish or fabric, white walls will bring out the best in every piece. It's less distracting and draws attention to what is really important-- the fine details in the beautiful antiques that we all fall in love with. 

Not only does this paint revitalize our store, we are also so excited to rearrange everything into new spots, revamp the window displays, and create a space that is a fun place to shop in and a comfortable environment for our customers. 

We hope you love the new paint as much as we do! Stop in today and check out this transformation!

Check out some of the NEW stuff from our next shipment that we can't wait to implement into our refreshed store! 


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