It's Never Too Early to Start Thinking About Spring

As much as we don't wish to believe it, we are in the midst of winter's ways. Wind chills cold enough to close schools, temperatures below zero, and our incessant weather app checking to see when the next "annoying" snowfall will occur. However, with the cold temperatures comes fresh ideas. Although we can't literally be sitting on our porches or patios enjoying the warmth of spring and summer, our longing for this time of year enables our minds to run wildly. As we look out our windows onto our outdoor living areas, we begin to envision the potential of the space that lies beneath the snow. "Hmm.. what would a rattan lounge chair look like right there?" we ask ourselves, "Maybe the bathroom does need some fresh wallpaper.." You're not crazy for redesigning your entire home for spring and summer in the middle of January. It is never too early to think about spring and all that it brings! Close your eyes and envision the refreshing styles and lively colors that could be in your home this coming season.

Image courtesy of Thibaut.

Thibaut's Chestnut Hill Collection

You can't go wrong with Thibaut fabrics. Ever. The company pays such close attention to detail, quality, and performance-- all of which are things we value so tremendously at English Traditions. In this particular room scene, the consummate balance of neutrals and subtle colors is achieved, allowing other design elements to stand out and speak for themselves.

"With a nod to early European style, Chestnut Hill is a classic collection of sophisticated wallpaper, embroidery, print and woven fabrics. A soft and traditional color palette is embraced with warm neutrals and hues of peacock blues, graceful grays, and deep crimson reds. Many patterns were reproduced with aged or worn effects that resemble the look and feel of the original artwork."

Image courtesy of Thibaut.

Thibaut's Spring Lake Collection

Entryways are a fantastic place to use lively color schemes and mix textures. This design is eclectic and distinct, yet simplistic and toned back. Despite the paradox, this space is extremely stunning. The wallpaper's pattern screams spring, but can be transitional throughout winter and fall, as well. The texture on the ottoman is so suitable for spring and summer, and works seamlessly with this design.

"Spring Lake features fanciful wallpapers and fabrics. Whimsical patterns include scenes of summer; brightly colored beach umbrellas, cottage stripes and watercolored Jacobean prints in cornflower blues, raspberry pinks, sunshine yellows and other festive colors."

Image courtesy of Thibaut.

Thibaut's Artisan Collection

Using wallpaper in a space is a huge decision. You want your design to be distinct, but not overpowering. Thibaut fabrics make it easy to come to a decision. By picking a breezy pattern, you can rest assured that your wallpaper will only heighten the impact of your design, all while also adding color, texture, and pattern.

"Thibaut's Artisan Collection with The Alpha Workshops represents a true homage to high-quality, innovative techniques, touched with the signature look of Alpha and colored with the signature palette of Thibaut. Enriched by the desire to preserve traditions of the decorative arts, Thibaut and The Alpha Workshops worked together to create this testament to beauty and tradition. Royalties from the sale of Alpha Workshops for Thibaut patterns will directly support Alpha's training and employment programs."

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