How to Furnish a Home Office

Whatever your home office is designed for-- running your business, the occasional work call, or simply a place to pay the bills-- you're worthy of more than a desk and swivel chair crammed in the corner. Furnishing a home office the way you want it is vital. Why? Because when you have a space that mirrors the beauty of the rest of your home, you'll find more enjoyment when it comes time to pay the water bill or even call your boss. Here are some of our suggestions to consider when you're designing your home office. Enjoy!

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If you're starting out the design of your office, one of the most important things to consider is the placement of your space. Chances are, you're going to spend a lot of time in your office depending on what it's for. So, don't bypass a seemingly "untraditional" location. A study can instantly elevate any space, even if it's out in the open (see above).

Also, it's important to think about the environments in which you do your best work. If you need peace and quiet, then consider designating a whole room in your home for your study. But, if you don't mind the sounds of everyday life, think about "setting up camp" atop the stairs, in your bedroom, or anywhere else that you think would make for a fitting work environment.

You want a view.

Nobody likes staring at the wall in front of them when working. The tasks that cause up to look up and think require a view to find inspiration in whatever you're doing. Whether it's a vintage poster, an open window, or even pictures of the family, giving yourself something more interesting to look at will push you to work harder and keep you on track more than you think.

Don't overlook the chair.

This may seem obvious, but choosing a chair that will keep you comfortable during the time spent in the study is more important than you think. It's easy to pick a chair that looks pretty or goes with the color scheme, but keep ergonomics on the top of your priority list. We can guarantee you that there are pretty and comfortable chairs, just ask us and shop our office furniture collections!

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Choosing a color...

It's time to escape the mentality that correlates boring colors with serenity. When choosing a paint color for your study, explore the world of color-- don't stick to the beiges and tans. I'm not saying these colors don't look good, because they often work fantastically. However, don't feel limited by the unvaried and traditional shades of paint.

Experiment with muted, yet bold colors, like the one shown. Engulfing yourself in a color that you like, whatever it is, will make paying the bills or looking over the POS much easier and more enjoyable.

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