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Spring is right around the corner (25 days, to be exact) and we couldn't be more excited. The change in seasons brings variation, new trends, and light into the world of interior design. Something my Mimi, owner Mary Cordill, has always told me is that the french do it best. From interiors to fashion, the french have a way of transforming the definition of sophisticated living.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Open the windows, wipe down the winter dust, and embrace the architectural features of your home. Something we love about french interiors is their chaotic charm; the french simply know how to make it work. Whatever your personal style, there is always room to implement a french technique into your design.

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Image courtesy of Pinterest.

A Compelling Simplicity

We're often compelled by simplicity. Especially in french homes, architecture should speak for itself. The uncomplicated arrangement of magazines and fashion books atop this stunning marble mantle embodies the simplicity that exists in so many french interiors-- and we can't get enough of it. Create this look in your own home by sticking to the basics! Grab a Votivo candle, gather some books, and you're set!


Understand that perfection doesn't exist.

Imperfection is what makes a house a home. The books on your coffee table only stay perfectly straight for so long and the kitchen island never remains spotless. The french never deny a leather chair because of a small stain or reject a flawed floorboard. A lived-in home is much more inviting than an immaculate one.

Sometimes, the value or story of the piece overrides the importance of perfection. When we go on buying trips to Europe and France, we're always drawn to the pieces that feature some sort of flaw- it's what makes them unique

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Don't stick to one style.

French designs are never homogenous. The most intriguing and sophisticated designs feature pieces ranging from traditional to contemporary. Finding the perfect mix can be difficult, but once you figure it out, your space will be worthy of an Architectural Digest spread.

Mix colors, play with height, scope out the "weird" pieces-- you won't regret it!

Make your own rules.

The most important thing we can tell those who are refreshing their spaces for spring is to create and follow your own rules. It's your home! Choose pieces that fit into your lifestyle and fall in love with what you buy. There's nothing better than loving every aspect of a space.

"Happiness is not having what you want... it's wanting what you have."

As we always say, your home is a reflection of you. Accessorize with things that you like, furnish with pieces that you love, and create the design of your dreams!

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

If you need any help refreshing your home for the spring season, do not hesitate to call and ask us about our design services! From a room rearrangement to a full-on renovation, English Traditions is here to help. Happy Spring... in 25 days!

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