Four Bathrooms We Can't Stop Looking At

Bathrooms are such a fun way to add touches of personality into your home. Whether it’s the downstairs powder room or the master en-suite, redesigning a bathroom is a fantastic way to transform and add value to your home. Here are four of our favorites-- enjoy!!

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

1. Sunny & Simple

After a long day, there’s nothing else I want to do other than relax in this stunning tub/window situation. The multi-paned window overlooks a beautiful tree, a sunny yard, and a beautiful day. Who wouldn’t want that? Check out that slightly ajar window to the left… to die for!

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

2. Timeless & Traditional

Switching to something more traditional, this space is all that a bathroom should be; it's light, bright, elegant, and functional. With the tub centered below a large window that accentuates the height of the ceilings and a contrasting wainscot trim that extends up the face of the tub, this bathroom is a paradigm for tradition and bold, but sophisticated design.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

3. Tasteful Chaos

If you know English Traditions, you're probably aware of our love for tasteful chaos. Randomly arranged wall decor, when done correctly, can greatly elevate any design. Not only does the decor fill space on this large wall, but its placement stabilizes the sink and sets its tone as an art piece itself. The Breccia Cappraia marble makes the bathroom what it is. With veining this extreme, there's no need for unnecessary tiling, trims, or extravagant wall colors. The lightness is grounded by wooden elements, making this yet another jaw-dropping bathroom.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

4. White & More White

White seems to be the color of choice for bathrooms, and there's so much to love about it. However, this bathroom takes "white" to a whole new level. By not conforming to the standards of paint, the designer of this space does a fantastic job introducing vertical paneling, juxtaposing a conventionally "bland" color with a brilliant texture, creating dimension and interest in such a bright room. Did we mention the plantation shutters? While still letting in light, they give the perfect amount of privacy without sacrificing the greatest feature of this space: the natural light. A natural fiber rug and gold side table tone down the one color scheme and introduce a muted boldness that only elevates this already insane bathroom. We just love this.

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