Five Phenomenal Bedrooms

Imagine your bedroom. Most of us would associate this space with comfort, relaxation, and a reflection of who we are and what we like. While some of us have four pillows, others have 37, 34 of which are pulled to the floor when it's time for bed. Regardless of your personal style, all of our bedrooms have one thing in common; they're where we recharge, where we relax, and where we reflect. Who wouldn't want a phenomenal space in which they can do all of these things? Here are five of the most phenomenal bedrooms. Enjoy!

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

1. Neutral & Airy

A bedroom should be a place that you enjoy being in. This space's minimal design style and muted color scheme are easy to fall in love with. The slipcovered bed frame paired with a lighter linen duvet creates an effortless looking combination that's not only stunning, but also extremely comfortable.

One thing I personally love about this space is its color scheme. The designer of this bedroom steered clear of grey paints and aimed for softer shades of cream and white, which added more warmth to the design and allowed for a much more cohesive blend of shades from a stark white bedlinen to the brass accents throughout.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

2. Twin Elegance

I think everyone on Earth can appreciate a quaint set of twin beds. Whether they're arranged in a L-shape, or simply placed side by side, twin beds are some of the most fun pieces to design around. Because they're most likely used by your guests and children, it's easy to change out the bedding, get new pillows, and completely change the vibe of a room.

In this particular space, I love the warmth of the bed, the texture of the linens, and the light from the windows. Basically, there's not much to dislike about this bedroom.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

3. Tasteful & Traditional

It's very hard to go wrong with traditional design. As long as your color scheme is kept to mostly neutrals, your furniture placement is functional yet unique, and you have a nice blend of new and old, you're good to go. This space has all of these things, making it quintessential for traditional bedroom design.

One thing that we noticed in this particular vignette is the chandelier. Does it look familiar to you? It's one of our favorite styles and it's on our website! Click here to check it out.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

4. Charming Monogram

Who doesn't love a good monogram? But, a lot of people don't even consider putting one on their bedding. We get it, nobody likes to be too flashy-- but the simplicity of this personalization and differences among the neighboring pillows makes the design what it is.

Again, this is most likely a child's bedroom, but the ease that comes with changing things out and refreshing the space is so appealing that a lot of us probably want twin beds in our guest bedrooms now!

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

5. Patterned & Picturesque

We get it, the somewhat chaotic mismatching of patterns, textures, and colors in the bedroom may not be for everyone. However, it never hurts to play with these things in your own space. Whether you go extreme, pulling varying wallpapers, patterned duvets, and plush upholstery, or choose a more simplistic route, textures, patterns, and colors are extremely important in creating a multi-leveled design that isn't seen as "flat" or "bland".

This particular vignette beautifully captures the charm of variation, and serves as proof that there are no limits to design. Do what you want to do, and it will look great.

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