The First Step of the Design Process

We get it-- life is hectic. Whether you're working late, waiting to pick your kids up from soccer practice, or even got a little too invested in that new Netlflix series, we're often left wondering where our days went and, thus, procrastinating ordering the new dining table or running that one errand.

This is where we can help.

The first step of this process obviously derives from your interest to revamp a certain room in your home. No matter the budget, size, or style, we can design the perfect space for you and your lifestyle.

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It all starts with you. Simply emailing us images of your space with the room dimensions is the easiest way to begin the process. This will rid all unnecessary steps that prolong the design timeline, giving you a finished space efficiently and quickly.

What should I measure?

It's important to go from wall to wall, accounting for openings, door frames, windows, and everything of that nature. The more measurements you record, the easier the process becomes. Do you have a pre-existing rug that you don't plan on changing? Feel free to include that in your dimensions-- we'll work it into whatever we design.

What can I expect by doing this?

By submitting a room layout request, we can offer you with a top-tier opinion that comes with 28 years of experience. Whether you need help finding the perfect sofa or the right set of chairs, having your measurements doesn't only make it easier for us, it shortens the typically drawn out process that is interior design.

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