All You Need to Know About Fibreworks

At English Traditions, we're all about finding the newest and best lines for you, our customers. From lighting to upholstery, our list of vendors grows more and more everyday. We're excited to announce the arrival of and discuss our newest line, Fibreworks!

There's nothing better than simplicity. In terms of rugs, you can't go wrong with a sisal or a jute. They're the perfect bases for layering or they can make their own statement. Basically, there's always room for a natural fiber rug in any design. Fibreworks provides you with a plethora of top tier quality rugs- - just what you deserve as English Traditions shoppers. The possibilities are endless! Whether you need of a runner for the hallway, an area rug for the living room, or a statement for the foyer, we've got you covered.





Whether you find exactly what you're looking for right off the bat or if you're looking to go down the custom-made route, Fibreworks has options for everyone.

Image courtesy of Fibreworks.

Image courtesy of Fibreworks.

"Fibreworks® offers Natural Fiber Floorcovering as broadloom carpet or custom bordered area rugs. Many of our products are environmentally sustainable. Our wide variety of floor coverings and rugs are made from the finest Sisal, Wool, Seagrass, Jute, Cheena®, and Coir fibers. Custom rugs are available by choosing from over 250 materials and 275 border materials, plus we accept customers own material (COM) to be applied as rug borders. Rugs can be produced in most any shape or size and borders can be applied in any of 10 different applications techniques. Fibreworks has the options to help you make a truly custom area rug and the options are 'infinite.'"

Image courtesy of Fibreworks.

Image courtesy of Fibreworks.

Image courtesy of Fibreworks.

How will you use Fibreworks in your design? You can't go wrong!

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