English Traditions' Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is approaching, and we couldn't be any more excited. It's one of the best feelings ever to celebrate the women who have raised us to become who we are. Gifts are certainly not the only way to express our admiration for the women who we love to call our mothers, but they do help show how much we care about them. Below is a list of 7 of the best Mother's Day gifts that your mom will love and that will withstand the test of time. 

1. A Piece of Match Pewter

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Match Pewter has been a staple of classic charm in homes for centuries. Match picture frames are designed as handsome complements for cherished moments or loved ones they hold. Their elegant designs are sure to fit any style that your mom may have. 

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Who doesn't love a solid container to hold fruits? Match Pewter looks good absolutely anywhere, so this fruit compote is sure to be the star of the table.

2. A Porcelain Table Lamp

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Porcelain is the quintessence of charming, classic style. No matter how they're styled, blue and white porcelain table lamps look fantastic anywhere. Trust us, your mom will fall in love the second she lays her eyes on these beautiful accessories. 

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3. Antique Carved Dough Bowl

Dough bowls are a fantastic way to add a feeling of earthiness into any space. Not only this, but they are also amazing accessories. 

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Anything that you or your mom decide to put in them is guaranteed to look great. From plants to random decor, dough bowls are the perfect accessory. 

4. A Votivo Candle

Votivo candles have been fixtures of every set of English Traditions' doors. There is nothing better than the welcoming smell of a nice candle; that's why we adore Votivo. The perfect aroma sits in a charming glass container that you won't want to stop smelling. Bless your mom's nostrils with a Votivo candle this Mother's Day. 

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5. A Pair of Bookends

For the mom who loves to read...

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Bookends are a great, simple gift that are perfect for any reader. These hide-and-seek bookends are especially great for Mother's Day because they may remind your mother of when you were a child. 

6. A Hand-Embroidered Pillow

Catstudio has hit the nail on the head with their hand-embroidered pillows. We carry their collegiate, location, black and white, and many other of their lines. Whatever your mom may enjoy, we most likely have a pillow to suit her. 

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Catstudio pillows are a fantastic gift because of their unique designs and ability to cater to any one person's interests. 


Overall, we can't wait for Mother's Day here at English Traditions. Not only because it's a day dedicated to solely our moms, but because we're so excited to see the looks on our Moms' faces when they open our gifts. 

Happy Mother's Day everyone!


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