Don't Let Daylight Saving Time Leave You in the Dark

With the end of Daylight Saving Time comes quickly approaching sunsets, leaving us with more hours spent in the dark. This doesn't mean you should have to make do with your existing lighting or be greeted by darkness when coming home from work. That's why it's time to shop English Traditions lighting. With styles all across the board, it is made easy to find the perfect combination to make the ideal ambient lighting effect this holiday season and upcoming winter months. Here is some of our favorite lighting at the moment. 

Blue & White Lamps

Blue and white porcelain lamps are quintessential classic lighting pieces. They're designs range from simplistic and breezy to compact and ornately fashioned. Not only this, but a pair of porcelain lamps creates a perfect lighting scheme. Easily place them on either bed side table and rest easily knowing that you're falling asleep next to a beautifully designed and well-crafted lighting fixture. 


Chandeliers are an absolute must when bringing a space together. They add height and separation in open spaces so that they aren't too open concept. Not only do they complement room design, but they allow for more pleasurable time spent with family and guests. Whether you're asking your kids how their days were at school or if you're asking your guest to pass the salt, a chandelier completes not only the dining room but also the dining experience. 

Table Lamps

Table lamps are an easy ways to add charm atop any piece that needs that "something". Our wide range of table lamps makes it easy to accessorize any surface that needs that special something. 

Don't let the end to Daylight Saving Time leave you in the dark! Just because night time approaches sooner doesn't mean you should come home to a dark house. Shop English Traditions lighting and get the best deals on some of the most important pieces in creating a relaxing, ambient environment in your space. 

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