It's Time to Rethink Contrasting Trims

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Today's interiors are quite erratic when contrasted against tradition. For years, it has been a "rite of passage" to contrast the wall color and floor with a simple, white trim. Modern designs have showcased matching wall and trim paint colors, which causes the paint to blend into the background, taking a backseat to other bold design elements. However, the biggest switch we've been loving lately is a contrasting colored trim that puts the architectural woodwork on center stage, emphasizing its vital role in a space's overall design.

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Contrasting woodwork, like trim and molding, has been around forever and has proven to be an extremely classic element of many homes of all styles. With the decision to paint in this manner comes a surfeit of combinations. Always keep in mind whether or not you want to be bright and bold or subtle and subdued. Figuring this out before you even scan swatches will immediately narrow down your options and make the whole process that much easier. Above are two tastefully extreme versions of this trend. The beautiful blue and white combination is a statement that we can't get enough of. Interested in this paint color? Check it out here.

Image courtesy of Fantastic Frank

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Let us know! Are you loving this trend as much as we are?

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