What Is Classic Style?

When designing a space, choosing a style to follow can be difficult. Do you want your space to be breezy and bright, or sophisticated and comfortable? The decision may require pondering, but something we can all agree on is that there's nothing better than classic taste. It's a huge part of design; we can guarantee that remaining classic will be one of the best decisions you make in the design process. What exactly is classic style, though?

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By definition, something is "classic" if it's judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. At English Traditions, remaining classic is something we've strived for since the day we opened our front doors for business over 27 years ago. Choosing classic pieces to add to your everyday life is vital, especially furniture that you know is durable and long-lasting.

Classic design can be applied in every aspect of life. From architecture to your sunglasses, class can come very easily if done correctly. Keeping this in mind, experiment with different elements that suit your definition of "classic". For us, that's European antiques; their history, their charm, and their quality are all things we love including in every design that we can.

Class shines through in the most minute details. A vase with freshly cut flowers sitting atop a circular foyer table is yet another example of sophistication and elevated design. The table, adorned with greenery, books, and a red leather wallet effortlessly showcases a lived-in charm that inspires our design minds.

Classic style typically avoids bright hues, leaving spaces neutral and soothing while also allowing the timelessness of furniture to stand out speak for itself. Relying on art, finishes, and accents for color, your design will instantly elevate and allow for you to change elements throughout the seasons without having to paint the walls, change the furniture, or do anything too laborious.

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Classic style extends far beyond the interior of a space. Outdoor living is extremely important in our lives, especially in the midst of these summer months where the breeze calls us outside and the sun keeps company. Designing an outdoor area is vital to the duality of our homes, and can be the most enjoyable place to be.

Hedges, boxwoods, and ivy are just some of the many options that fit into classic design, and their inclusion in a space can "make it or break it". Don't go overboard, but don't strictly follow the "less is more" rule. You don't want to limit the lushness, but you also don't want an overly vegetated jungle in your backyard. Finding the perfect mix shouldn't be too hard, and we promise you won't regret remaining classic.

Interior design should be fun and personal. After all, it's your home and what you want is obviously of the utmost importance. We can only encourage you to implement classic elements into your space for the sake of elegance and reliability because we know you won't regret it.

Ask us about our design services if you need help creating or finding charm in details or the bigger picture. We're more than happy to help you create the home of your dreams, whatever it entails. English Traditions has been Cincinnati's choice for classic pieces for over 27 years, standing behind the quality of our collections, providing you with the most unique and outstanding pieces you can find. Stop by today and shop!

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