All About Thibaut's Performance "Woven Winners"

Our fantastic Thibaut rep came into the store the other day and dropped off a packet that holds some very useful information on their favorite Sunbrella and Crypton fabrics. It features which patterns and textures work on certain styles and applications and why. It also includes how many colors are available and which Thibaut book they can be found in. We've summarized this information below!

According to Thibaut, "Our knowledge comes from real life experience. We try all of our fabrics before we bring them to the market by upholstering furniture for product photography and our showrooms. We aren't afraid to make changes to product based on what we learn."

All information comes from our Thibaut pamphlet.


           Bailey                               Zara Texture                          Mosaic                          Available in 14 colors         Available in 5 colors         Available in 10 colors

We love the visual interest and flexibility that these tonal textures provide.

- Soft and organic on feathersoft cushions

- Crisp and tailored on tight seat

- lend a casual, yet sophisticated style

Why? It works because the fabric is...

- Dimensional without pile

- Adds interest and have multiple shades of color

- Has enough body without being stiff




            Mirage                                  Aura                     Bronwyn Herringbone               Available in 7 colors          Available in 16 colors        Available in 7 colors   

We like it for a crisp and tailored look on any size frame. 

- Tight seats with firmer cushion

- Curved lines

- Buttoned backs

- Waterfall skirts

Why? It works because the fabric is...

- Light weight, doesn't hide fine lines

- Subtle sheen accents gracious curves

- Soft, luxurious, and refined appearance             



       Beachcomber                   Alpine Chevron                        Orion                             Available in 3 colors          Available in 5 colors          Available in 5 colors

We especially like soft and snuggly fabrics on larger frames.

- Sectionals

- Sofas

- Comfy chairs

- They don't lend themselves a crisp or formal look. 

Why? It works because the fabric is...

- Soft to the touch and inviting to sit

- Adds surface interest without being distracting

- Has enough body without being chunky


There are a lot of factors to consider when pairing fabric to frame. We've categorized these best selling fabrics into four groups to highlight their unique characteristics according to application and aesthetics. We hope this helps!                             


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