6 of the Best Bathrooms

Bathrooms are so important. They are fun to design and a huge part of our daily routines. Below is a compilation of 11 of our favorite bathrooms. Images are all from Pinterest. 


Image courtesy Pinterest.com

We love that beautiful antique wash stand with the marble top. Although our's isn't a sink, you can somewhat recreate the look with our French Victorian Marble Top Wash Stand.


Image courtesy Pinterest.com

That sink...


Image courtesy Pinterest.com

This is probably one of my favorite bathrooms. I love the random placement of art on the walls and the overall extremely classic style. A similar look can easily be created through English Traditions!


Image courtesy Pinterest.com

The simplicity of the space allows this Louis Philippe piece to stand out and speak for itself. If you've fallen in love with the Louis Philippe style furniture, we always keep our eyes peeled for it because we know how beautiful and charming it is.


Image courtesy Pinterest.com

Subway tile is the way to go. It is extremely simple and easy to "dress" up or down. Also, it'll look phenomenal no matter what you put against... even your shampoo bottles!


Image courtesy Pinterest.com

How airy is this bathroom. I love how minimal the decoration is and how the design is centered around a feeling of tranquility. The tall curtains and stone bathtub really tie everything together. Oh, and there's some more subway tile!


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