5 Things That You're About to See in Homes Everywhere

Many things go out of style and many things stay. Our vast collection of antiques, upholstery, replica furniture, lighting, etc. caters to these very trends. 

1. All White Interiors

White is a staple color, offering many different shades that have different effects on a room. Because white is a light color, airiness and breeze are easily introduced. White walls allow for color to be introduced in different pieces such as lamps, chairs, sofas, curtains, etc. 

2. Dark Green Cabinets

Dark green works well with leather and other rich shades of various colors. Easily mixed with terra cotta, wood, tile, etc., dark green is the new black. 

3. Velvet

If you follow clothing trends, velvet is totally in right now. Velvet sofas and chairs are a very great way to add texture in any space. Green, crushed velvet to red solid velvet are great fabrics to style your Wesley Hall, C.R. Laine, or Lee Industries upholstery. 

4. Extension of Being Outdoors

Who doesn't love being outside? Porches, patios, and decks are the new trend. Outdoor furniture can be hard to find, but it is a beautiful way to create more living space, even the cooler temperatures. 

5. Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture can be used to add texture and shape into any room. Its neutral color scheme allows for different decor to be built around it.


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