5 of the Hottest Houses on the Cincinnati MLS Right Now

As we all know, Cincinnati is filled with some of the coolest homes and the most charming architecture. The market is hot right now, and people are snatching these beautiful homes up as quickly as they can get them. Below is a list of some of the hottest and most charming homes on the Cincinnati MLS right now. 

1. 6 Madison Lane, Hyde Park, OH 45208

The gorgeous exterior has incredible landscaping and is maintained extremely well. The terra cotta roof adds charm and hints at the home's age. Who doesn't love a beautifully restored old home?

Moving into the home's main entryway, terra cotta floors surround, creating a cozy and warm feeling. These beautiful floors pair extremely well with the wood trim and doors. 

Beautiful beams cover the ceiling, adding even more charm to this already cozy home. The gorgeous aged floors will make it easy to pair antiques and upholstery seamlessly.

This home is full of character; from the aged floors to the beautiful fireplace, every inch of this home is unique and charmingly livable. 

2. 8410 Eustis Farm Lane, Indian Hill, OH 45243

This home is breathtaking. It's unique features and beautiful trim and landscaping make everything pop and complement each other. Well vegetated and secluded, this home is pleasant and incredibly charming. 

The kitchen is the heart of the home, isn't it? This beautifully designed kitchen is perfect for entertaining, cooking, and living.

The beautiful yard is green, green, green. What more could you ask for in a yard? The vast lawn is gorgeous and the back living area is the perfect spot for relaxing and/or entertaining.

3. 124 Glenmary Avenue, Clifton, OH 45220

Situated in beautifully historic Clifton, this home has charming bones and an all-American feel. 

The hydrangeas in the front lawn are stunning with their beautiful coloring and shape, complementing the home's brick exterior. The shutters pair beautifully with the exterior and the window boxes have potential beyond measure. 

Large picture windows are in almost every room, making the home feel light and airy because of the ample light.

This home showcases a classically designed bathroom with beautiful, simple finishes. Once again, beautiful old windows in each room add charm and more than enough light.

Outdoor living is easily achievable in this home. This second level porch will make relaxing easy and effortlessly bring the outdoors in. 

4. 1849 Madison Road, Walnut Hills, OH 45206

How gorgeous is this home's exterior. The beautiful landscaping pairs well with the color of the brick and the well maintained yard proves this home's sophistication and charm. 

The unique features throughout this entire home hint at its age and close attention to detail.

Huge windows bring in light, making each room feel breezy and effortless.

5. 809 Dayton Street, Cincinnati, OH 45214

Wow! This home is stunning! Its amazing color complements the front door and the window boxes are to die for!

The entryway is also beautiful! The painted wood floors are charming and unique.

The beautiful floors showcase the home's age and will make furnishing a breeze.

All in all, Cincinnati is home to some of the coolest and most charming homes. All of these homes would be easily furnished with English Traditions pieces!

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