5 of the Best Ways to Style a Bookshelf

Although you might not be headed back to school with your books, it might be the ideal time to organize your favorite collections. Bookends are an easy, fun, and decorative way to style a bookshelf or table top. 

Styling bookshelves may seem like a treacherous task given all of the arrangement possibilities. However, there is a myriad of techniques that can optimize the design and the functionality of your bookshelves. 

1. Showcase your mementos.

Let your trinkets do the talking by displaying pieces that can begin conversation. Get creative with the objects' placement and experiment with height. Don't worry too much about the pieces' relatedness -- find the perfect combination of color, height, and style to create a balanced display of your valuable collections. 


Image courtesy of Pinterest

2. Greenery brings life.

There is never anything wrong with adding greenery to anything nor is there ever enough! Adding plants is the perfect way to bring life into anything, and a mixture of varying plant sizes with provide texture and even more balance on your well designed shelves. Horizontally stack a couple of books and place a succulent in an aged terra cotta pot atop and you're good to go. Greenery will always bring life and it is sure to pair seamlessly with almost everything. 

Image courtesy of One Kings Lane

3. Hang artwork from shelves.

This may seem peculiar, but trust us, it looks great. By hanging a piece of art from a shelf about 4-5 feet off of the ground, not only does it look fantastic, but it is a clever way of hiding things you want out of view. 

Image courtesy of House Beautiful

By hanging your art pieces on a bookshelf, it instantly utilizes wall spaces and looks incredibly chic, as well. 

4. Odd numbers are your friend. 

When styling bookshelves, always keep in mind the rule of odds. Assortments of three or five almost always look better than pairs. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

5. Organize by color. 

Color-coding a bookshelf is an incredible way to introduce pops of color into a space. The assortment of colors also creates cohesiveness and organization that is reflected throughout the entire space. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest

By adding accents like the ones shown above, the color blocking effect can be broken up, but still achieves the sought after look of solidarity. 

Bookshelves can be used for much more than a pure storage tool; they are extremely enjoyable to decorate and they serve as works of art for our spaces. If done correctly, bookshelves will be a rotating form of decoration forever!

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