5 of the Best Ways to Freshen Up Your Home for Spring

Spring is so close, we can smell it. As the bare trees begin to revive back into their green selves and as the days start to get longer, there is no better time to freshen up your home and clear the palette in order to prepare for everything that spring has to offer. Below is a compilation of tips that we find most useful. 

1. Clean your house. 

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It's simple, and you probably do it pretty often. This next time, however, pay close attention to the small things. Dust off the pendant lights that hang above your island, wipe down the floorboards, and cleanse of all of the wintry grime that has collected in your home over the course of the past couple of months. Trust us, you'll feel so much better about yourself and fall in love with your home again. Once you're finished, top everything off with a fresh, aromatic Votivo candle.

2. De-clutter

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Look at your night stand. For some of us, it is much needed to take a second to clear it off, wipe it down, and reassemble. It not only feels good to do, but it can make a room feel so much more airy. Not only this, but you will sleep easily knowing that the clutter that lays right next to your head is no longer there. Don't rid of it completely; keep your stack of novels and your trusty alarm clock, but take the water glass back down to the kitchen and rid your bedside of anything that you don't find yourself constantly grabbing. 

3. Swap out wintry accessories. 

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Swap out your dark curtains with white and airy linen ones, tuck away the blankets that drape over the back of your sofa, and clean out the coat closet in the doorway. By doing so, your space will feel airy and ready for spring. 

4. Bring the outdoors in. 

Image courtesy of Trove Interiors

Nothing rejuvenates a space as much as bringing some nature inside. Whether it be a boxwood or a bouquet of hydrangeas, introducing some life is a great way to make things feel more like spring. Get creative with your placement, too! Sometimes, juxtaposing a simple plant with an intricate antique will make for the best look. By letting nature do some talking, your space will get an instant boost of life and it will create an atmosphere that screams spring.

5. Commence the colors!

Image courtesy of yandex.ru.

Spring is full of beautiful colors. Mirror the outdoors by playing with color through upholstery, wallpaper, window treatments, and antiques. Get creative with the patterns that you choose and keep in mind that mixing patterns looks great if it's done right! Stop by our design center and design the perfect piece(s). 


Happy spring from all of us at English Traditions!

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