5 of Our Current Website Favorites

The charm of an antique store is that things come and go, and many of these things are completely unique and unlike anything that you'll ever see again. Antiques are some of the best things that money can buy; they don't depreciate in value, there are so many options to choose from, and they're extremely pleasing to the eye. Below is a list of some of our favorite things on our website, www.englishtraditions.com, right now. 


1. Antique English Period Painted Chest of Drawers c1820

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Petite, but bold, this painted chest of drawers is the perfect way to add an element of darkness in any space. 

Its solid lines ensure that it will never go out of style, making it easy to accessorize. Pop a plant and some coffee table books, or keep it simple with a mirror on the wall above. This piece will look fantastic anywhere you put it!

2. English Antique Original Painted Chest of Drawers c1870

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Wooden furniture is amazing, especially when it tells a story. This beautifully aged chest is simple, yet sophisticated. 

From the foyer, to the kitchen, all the way to your bedroom, this pine chest is sure to be a conversation starter. Simplicity is key, and this piece a phenomenal to way add a sense of timelessness and charm into any space. 

3. Antique Dutch Carved Dough Bowl c1910

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Dough bowls are a fantastic way to accessorize. They're commonly used as a place to keep T.V. remotes, plants, candles, and sometimes even plants! 

4. English Pine Bank of Drawers c1880

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Have you ever seen a piece like this one before? It offers ample storage with its 15 drawers, which are spacious and easily openable. 

Once again, this piece's uniqueness and singularity set it out from the rest. Pine is always the answer!

5. French Antique Wood & Rush Stools c1890

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These petite stools are definitely one of my favorite things on our website right now. Their unique size allows them to be placed atop another piece of furniture or simply on the floor. 


Overall, antiques are one of the most fun things to carry along through different stages of life. They're a great investment, as they don't depreciate in value, they tell a story, and they're extremely pleasing to the eye. 

English Traditions is your source for unique, timeless quality. We are here to aid the process of finding beautiful pieces that will last a lifetime. Stop by today!

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