Seven Trends We Hope to See in 2020

Image courtesy of One Kings Lane.

1. Unconventional Home Styling

As a home designer, you should always be striving to create design that is not only comfortable, but also interesting and unique. However you wish to interpret this is up to you, but don't be scared to experiment with things that may seem "unorthodox" or "too different". Sometimes, these are the best parts of a design that end up paying off big time.

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2. Dark Painted Doors

In old houses, especially, the doors, windows, and trims are the architectural bones that make a home so beautiful and interesting. So, what better way to make these things pop than by painting them in dark shades that contrast against a lighter scheme? We love dark painted doors and hope to see more of them in 2020!

Image courtesy of Crypton Fabrics .

3. Performance Fabrics

We've already blabbed on and on about how much we adore Crypton fabrics and their applicability to any lifestyle. Whether it's the muddy dog who jumps on the sofa or the crafty kid whose paint brushes up against the arm of your side chair, Crypton fabrics ensure the extent of your fabric.

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4. "Weird" Chairs

Chairs are some of the most fun elements of home design. From lounge chairs and love seats to dining chairs and barstools, it's never a bad idea to get funky. Don't let the seemingly "weird" bones of a chair scare you a way. The most sophisticated designs feature chairs that aren't in every home magazine.

Image courtesy of Architectural Digest.

5. All Marble Bathrooms

Marble, nowadays, seems a bit overdone. But, if it's done correctly, it looks phenomenal. I love scrolling past bathrooms that feature stone tubs, sinks, floors, walls, and so much more. Whatever your budget, this look is doable with all of the marble alternatives available today and can look fantastic in any home.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

6. Stone Furniture

We get it. "Stone furniture" sounds like a horribly uncomfortable creation. However, when I see travertine side tables or marble slab coffee tables, I swoon. Their presence in any design adds a sense of sophistication and permanence that I just love. With a nice collection of fashion books and flower arrangements, stone furniture is a trend we hope to see a lot more of this coming year.

Image courtesy of Nate Berkus .

7. Style Blending

We've always been fans of blending styles. To me, there's nothing more appealing than a home that mixes modern features with traditional furniture. Hopefully 2020 keeps this trend coming because we love it!

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