Order Custom Upholstery In Time for the Holidays

First and foremost, I hope this finds you and those around you safe and healthy. This year has put forth challenges to all of us, on both a personal and professional level, the likes of which we have not seen. Change and the unknown have ruled our days. However, as the year has progressed we have persevered and have figured out how to manage in these crazy times. It's not always easy, but we hold faith in our small business and know that you, our loyal customers, do too. While your support is always appreciated, it takes on special meaning in times like these. Together, we will survive and hopefully thrive as we close out this year.

This year, custom upholstery order holiday cut-offs are as follows:

To receive in time for Thanksgiving, place order by : September 25th

To receive in time for Christmas, place order by : October 10th

All orders received by the above dates, that have fabric in stock, will be shipped for the holidays.

On behalf of the Cordill family, we would like to extend a heart-felt thank you. Know that your support of our small business does not go unnoticed. We wish you much success and, more importantly, good health as this year comes to a close and hope that you and those around you have a wonderful holiday season.

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