6 Unique Wooden Decor Items

Decor is a vital part of designing a space. Without it, rooms can feel empty, unfinished, and even bland. Wooden decor is a great way to add texture and taste, all while keeping elements of sturdiness and reliability. Below are some of our most unique wooden decor items. 

 1. French Antique Jewelry Box


Beautiful jewelry doesn't settle for anything less than a beautiful box to sit in. Solid wood, this antique jewelry box provides ample storage and classic looks.

2. French Antique Wood & Rush Seat Stool


Stools normally aren't seen as an accessory, but these multifunctional stools double as extra seating and a beautiful decoration. Place atop of a dresser, table, etc. and give a look of timeless taste with things you can't live without. 

3. French Antique Small Glass Front Hanging Cupboard


Glass-front hanging cupboard can be used as many different things. Display books and place this in your library, small dishes and put this in your kitchen, or put it on top of another piece of furniture as a way to display your sentimental belongings. 

4. English Miniature Chest of Drawers


Formerly used by furniture makers to show buyers what a potential chest of drawers could look like, i.e. a demo dresser. Now antique, these miniature chests of drawers are a great way to add storage into any room all while keeping looks of classic style.

5. English Victorian Coat Hooks


Coat hooks are always needed in entry-ways. With multiple different styles, a simple pine set of hooks will hold coats and hats perfectly. Let your coats hang in style with an antique set of pine hooks. 

6. English Victorian Biscuit Barrel


Known as "cookie-jars" here in the U.S., biscuit barrels are an english tradition used to hold biscuits, cookies, scones, etc. and are meant to be displayed in a kitchen. We like to switch things up, though. Maybe throw some pens and pencils in one and use it on your desk. You can use biscuit barrels for anything!

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