3 of the Hottest Houses on the Cincinnati MLS Right Now

Cincinnati is full of some amazing homes. From massive properties on acres of land, to revived apartments and small houses cramped in with barely any space, the architecture all throughout Cincinnati is incredible. 


This home, located at 9200 Shawnee Run Rd. in Indian Hill, is a phenomenal property that stands on over 12 acres. To me, it looks like a restored church and its grand foyer is that out of a magazine.

Full of amazingly ornate and stunning rooms, light is definitely not missing. Windows all around create beautiful shadows into these huge rooms and give a sense of relaxation. Imagine a Wesley Hall sofa, upholstered upon your decision, placed in the middle of the room, perfectly positioned so that you can stare at the extraordinary fireplace. 


Wow! 2929 Anwood St. in Walnut Hills is quite the house. The use of a calming yellow exterior paint color draws the eye in and keeps it there. 

Look at this gorgeous foyer! I personally love the staircase and the hardwood all around. The use of all of the oriental rugs introduces beautiful combinations of color and allows for neutral furniture. 

Featuring stunning bathrooms, this home is all around amazing. Victorian hex flooring tiles mixed with subway tile up the shower creates for a light and airy bathroom. It's great to see bathrooms being restores and not gutted and redone. 


Located at 740 Clinton Springs Ave. in Avondale, this classic colonial could look even better with our timeless antique and replica furniture. The unusual door color is a great way to create curb appeal and visual interest, plus it looks great against the grey color. 

Who doesn't love a great foyer? The huge staircase next to the cramped hallway is a great use of architectural juxtaposition. Beautiful hardwood floors and oriental rugs mix together and create color in the rooms and, again, allow for neutral furniture. 

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