The Serenade Collection by Anna French

Check of the latest collection of wallcoverings at English Traditions. These chic designs in Anna French’s newest collection, Serenade, come in rich colors and a variety of patterns.  Florals, stripes, paisleys, damasks and geometrics make a big impact on these rooms.  Get a better look at every style and colorway available.

Serenade-Group1SterlingMallorcaAuburnDawson-StripeMarlowRoscoeClarissaRymannSt.-Albans-GroveInterested in more information or ordering a sample?  Stop by English Traditions or contact us at!


Fall Sensations

Fall is a time of year that awakens our senses.  The sound of leaves that crunch under our feet as we enter the door and are greeted by the smell of a hearty stew that’s been slow cooking all day.  We sit down in our favorite chair and appreciate the touch of a wool blanket that we pull over our lap as we gaze out the window at the array of colors decorating the trees; we begin to relax as we enjoy the robust taste from the glass of wine that rests in our hand.  Welcome to fall…

The Look


What’s your favorite part of this season? One of ours is the rich, vibrant FALL COLORS! Greens, golds, ambers, reds and plums are part of the color palette this time of year and we are ready to embrace them.  We took inspiration from the spectrum of autumn leaves to create our own rainbow of fall colored rooms.  Wallcoverings, upholstery, lighting, pewter vases and frames and carved Black Forest Mirrors are building blocks that help build our autumn retreat.

The Smell

Votivo-FB-FallSmells have a way of triggering memories.  So it’s fitting that we want our homes to be filled with a soothing aroma.  English Traditions have been carrying the same line of aromatic candles for years and for good reason.  These candles come in a variety of scents that are unique, rich and layered with complexity.  We light one everyday and it fills the entire store.  Not only do they have a long life, burning approximately 60 hours, but they don’t leave that smoky residue on your walls and ceiling.  Here are some of our favorites scents. ForgottenSage1Forgotten Sage has a harmony of sage and cedar that makes us imagine ourselves in a rustic kitchen that is decorated with fresh herbs, hanging upside-down from the ceiling to dry.  This scent is tantalizingly clean and fresh and appropriate all year long. Pomme-Dusk1Imagine having your first bite of dessert during a pinkish-purple sunset. Lush, sweet and warm, Pomme Dusk pulls it’s inspiration from pomegranate, cedar, raspberries and pink pepper.  This is truly a dessert for your nose.BreathLavender1 Breath of Lavender, one of my favorites any time of year, reminds us of a restful late afternoon.  Sitting on a hill adorned with lavender, the breeze wafts this soft floral scent our way as we begin to anticipate a cooling rainfall. RedCurrantTheir original and best selling candle, Red Currant, is a savory combination of tart currants and coarsely ground vanilla beans.  A perfectly balanced autumn aroma that complements everything from turkey and gravy to pine and peppermint. DeepClover1Deep clover has a subtle earthy freshness that reminds us of a peaceful stroll through the woods.  A combination of fresh cut grass in spring and the woody undertones that encompass fall, this smell is understated and natural. IslandGrapefruitThis scent is clean and vibrant like a freshly squeezed glass of juice.  Although, Island Grapefruit might not be the first scent you think of when you are recollecting fall memories, for me, it brings back some of my fondest.  I loved that citrus smelling box of grapefruits and oranges that would arrive from my grandparents during the fall and winter months.  Making its journey from Florida to Ohio, it would fill up the entire room with this enticing aroma.

Although these scents are just some of English Traditions’ favorites, they have so many more options.  From Black Ginger to Clean Crisp White, White Ocean Sands to Tuscan Olive, you are sure to find the perfect scent to compliment any situation.

The Touch

There’s nothing like the touch of soft, warm fabrics to bring in this brisk season. Not only do these fabrics have the smooth feel of velvet, but they are also all high performance and can stand up to life’s unexpected events. On top of that, they come in a variety of colors!

These collections of chenille/velvet textures are all available at English Traditions for your next chair, ottoman and sofa or by the yard.  We’ve paired them with some fall scenes to show all of the places that you can pull inspiration for your next decorating project.


 The Jubilee Collection is made of 100% Polyester and can stand up to 90,000 double rubs.  It has the look and feel of crushed velvet.  Available in 24 shades, the Jubilee Collection goes with every shade in this cornucopia.  It is a beautiful assemblage for fall.

StriatoThe Striato Collection is a blend of 93% Polyester and 7% Rayon.  Also available in 24 different shades, this collection has an added detail of faint stripes in the chenille/velvet fabric.  Standing up to 50,000 double rubs, this fabric is durable and luxurious.

BanksThe Banks Collection has the velvet feel through and through.  Made of 82% Polyester and 18% Cotton in stands up to an astonishing 100,000 double rubs and there are 42 different colorways available.  If all of the options don’t make this fabric a favorite, you should feel it!  It reminds me of the soft fuzziness of a puppy’s ear.

No matter which sense you’re looking at gratifying this season, English Traditions can help you satisfy your craving for FALL SENSATIONS.

Island Lighting: Up Close and Personal

Lighting is always an important element in every room and home.  Today English Traditions is featuring some of our favorite looks for kitchen islands.  Whether you’re trying to create ambient, accent or task lighting (a definite necessity in a kitchen), choosing the right look can be a bit overwhelming.  One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing lighting for your island is establishing a balance.  Having an odd number of lights, usually three, has the tendency to create a nice harmony, but don’t over do it!  Scale will trump the “odd number rule” any day of the week.  Besides choosing a fixture that has balance, scale and pairs well with the other elements in the kitchen, another important rule with island lighting is to not create a barrier in the room.  Finding the right fixture and hanging it at the right height is key.  Check out some well-executed lighting for these kitchen islands.

Gold-PendantThis is the Goodman Hanging Light in a hand-rubbed antique brass finish.  It has a simple design, but this brass trio of pendants adds a punch of color in this white kitchen.

LanternThis pair of Arch Top Lanterns are the perfect fit in this kitchen.  Shown here in bronze, these are also available in three other finishes. 

WoodenThese Simplicity Chandeliers have a lovely washed wood finish that compliments the rest of the kitchen perfectly.  This chandelier has a masculine touch with just the right amount of embellishments that appeal to our softer side.

GlobeThe Hicks Pendant with white glass is featured here in a hand-rubbed antique brass finish.  A fitting vintage and transitional look that pairs wonderfully with the lime subway tile backsplash.

BallsThe Balthazar Oval Ceiling Mount is perfect for those elongated spaces and the blown glass bubbles make this a whimsical focal point.

CrissCrossThe Grosvenor Single Pendant with a linen shade is sophisticated with a polished nickel crisscross detailing.  This is another perfect execution of style and functionality.


This duo of Moravian Star chandeliers has an antiqued mirror detail and a gilded iron finish.  They are beautiful during the day and create spectacular shadows in the evening.

TubeThis vintage style fixture, the Corsica Lantern, features inlaid antiqued mirror enhances and an antiqued silver leaf framework.


Another beautiful piece, the Roundabout Chandelier, is a globe of crystals that will make the whole room sparkle.  Perfect alone or more dramatic as a pair, as shown here, the wrought iron has a silver leaf finish that adds even more twinkle.


Finally, the Darlana Linear Pendant is shown here in an aged iron finish.  It is the perfect piece of lighting for this island with its simple lines.

If you’re searching for the right component for your next lighting project, English Traditions can help.  Not only do we have all of the lighting fixtures featured above, but also so many more to chose from.  Don’t forget that we also offer design services if you need a nudge in the right direction.

Unique Fall Containers

Fall is the perfect time of year for gathering.  Gourds, fruits and fall flowers are always beautiful additions to our home that welcome this colorful season.  Why not add even more interest by putting them in UNIQUE CONTAINERS? Here are some ideas!

fall-containersWe added gourds to antique copper pans, a grain measurer and an antique shop till.  We freshened up our porcelain bowl with some heather, apples and pears and added sunflowers to this antique hotel silver teapot.

English Traditions has hundreds of one-of-a-kind items that are perfect to fill with all the lovely things you gather this season or all year round.  Baskets, dough bowls and watering cans are just a couple more interesting options that we have available.  Stop by one of our stores or check us out online.

Fall for Plaids

FALL FOR PLAIDS, we certainly have!  Fall is the perfect time for such a cozy, comforting pattern.  It makes us want to cuddle up with a blanket and a book and tuck our feet underneath the closest person or pet.  PlaidsThis pattern has a balance of being subtle and dramatic.  Whether it’s sprinkled here and there or applied as a main focal point, plaids have a rich history and look.  Appropriate in everything from cabins to estates; few other designs are as versatile (just ask Ralph Lauren).  Interested in seeing more eye-catching applications and finding out more about the story behind this woven wonder?  Check this out…
CI-Sunbrella-porch-plaid_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.853The term “plaid,” as it has come to be used in North America, is known in most other areas of the world as “tartan.”  This refers to the crisscrossed, vertical and horizontal pattern that has multiple color bands.  In fact, the word “plaid” in Scotland actually refers to the tartan-patterned cloth that is slung over the shoulder that is typically part of a formal uniform that matches the kilt.DP_Duneier-transitional-blue-beige-living-room_s3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.1707Most of us associate certain tartan designs and colors with specific Scottish clans and families.  This isn’t, however, how it all began.   Because chemical dyes were not available until the mid-19th century, natural dyes were used on the yarns before there were woven.


As you may expect, they would use ingredients that were native to their area as their dyes.  Every part of a plant from the root to the flower, leaves to the bark could be utilized.  Even minerals, insects and fungi helped create the variety of hues that we have come to love in this design.

landscape_1423784831-hbx010114wood04Specific tartan designs originally signified the regions that they were derived from versus the clan or family.  Over time, clans adopted these as there own, adding a twist.  Sometimes folks would wear the patterns of the families or regions that they wanted to be associated with, even if they were not.  They say that emulation is the highest form of flattery.
ralphlaurenhome.com_-652x1000Now we enjoy this pattern on everything from club chairs, wallpaper, handbags to heels.  Ranging from neutral tones to bright notes or a finely woven design to broad bands of color, the possibilities are seemingly endless.aqua plaidKnowing more about the history of where we find our favorite designs, whether it’s a fabric pattern or a piece of furniture, is one of the things that we love to learn about at English Traditions.  After all, part of where you’re going, is knowing where you’re coming from.Gus-plaid-border2Even pugs adorn plaid.  Gus is channeling his inner Mackintosh Clan is his fabulous tartan patterned shirt.  If you had any question that everything looks better in plaid, here’s proof!  Come find your perfect fit at English Traditions.


GUARANTEED THANKSGIVING DELIVERY– Do you still need some dining chairs for your guests to enjoy their Thanksgiving feast?  A new leather sofa to watch the Turkey Bowl in? Maybe a comfortable swivel chair to catch up with your out-of-town visitors?  Well, it’s not too late!  Order any piece by THIS FRIDAY and you can rest assured that it will be here in time for Thanksgiving Day festivities!

ScandiChic_AdEnglish Traditions has hundreds of fabrics and styles to chose from.  Whether you need an ottoman, chaise, sectional or more.  Need a little bit of help?  Check out some of Lee Industries best sellers.  They’re popular for a reason.


BestDiningChairs_Apr2015Can you think of a more important time of year to gather around the table?  Dining chairs and stools are great pieces to add that pop of color.  You may also consider covering them in a Crypton fabric or leather for those accidental food or drink spills.



A great chair is a “must have” for any room!  Whether you’re making a statement with a bold color or pattern or keeping it neutral, everything goes with the right chair.  Comfort is key and these all fit the bill.  Beside from choosing your favorite style, don’t forget that you can select just the right cushion for you.  Whether you prefer the firmness of an innerspring, the plushness of down or a happy medium of the two, there are eight different cushion varieties to meet your needs.



Swivel and glider chairs are an obviously wise choice for a nursery, comfortable and relaxing with their smooth movement.  Also consider them for rooms that don’t always need to accommodate the crowds, but are versatile enough lend themselves to adapting to just that with out having to rearrange.  Perfect for a room that is typically set up around a coffee table, still with the ability to swivel around to stare at the fireplace or watch a film.


BestSofas_Apr2015-(2)Like a great chair, sofas are essential pieces of furniture.  Whether it’s for an everyday living space for the family or a less used area, such as a parlor or library, having the perfect sofa is so important.  All of Lee’s sofas are made from hardwoods and are either double-doweled and blocked on every corner or are made with mortise and tenon joint construction.  Yes, these guys are made to last!



Sectionals are perfect for the whole family to gather around and enjoy time together.  The possibilities are endless with the selection of options to chose from. Whether you’re looking for a wedge, chaise or loveseat to combine together, you can build it and we’re here to help!

Don’t let this TURKEY DAY GUARANTEED DELIVERY pass you by!  There aren’t very many guarantees in life.  We can’t promise that you’re favorite team will win the game or that Uncle Frank will have appropriate dinner conversation, but you can rest assured that if you order by Friday at English Traditions, you’ll be enjoying the holidays in comfort!

Recreate a Look You Love!

From the pages of our favorite magazines, images on social media or the home of a close friend, we see style and get inspiration for our own lives and homes all over the place.  Take that look you love and recreate it with your own twist!


We found a couple of rooms that motivated us to pull items that we had at our fingertips to recreate their lovely allurement.recreate-the-look

Whether it’s a fabric, painting, sofa, mirror or chandelier that entices you, we can help you find it.  English Traditions offers thousands of products from the trendiest lighting to one-of-a-kind antiques that will make your room the subject of inspiration.  We also offer design services if you need a little jump to get you started.

Need a Unique Engagement or Housewarming Present? Think SALT!

Salt boxes have been an essential part of the kitchen for hundreds of years.  As you probably suspect, a salt box was used to store blocks of salt, prior to the invention of free-flowing salt.  photo-1-(37)Frequently seen hanging on the wall of a kitchen next to the stove or fireplace, salt blocks were pounded with a mortar and pestle to prepare it for use.  Just like today, salt was an integral ingredient in all homes, not only in Europe, but also in the United States.  In addition to being used to prepare food, it was also used to preserve it.   It aided in the absorption of moisture and to extinguish fires.

photo 2 (34)

In England and Ireland, a salt box was a sign of a comfortable and well run home.  In Germany it was a symbol of hospitality.  Ranging from a simple design to an intricately carved piece of art, a salt box was frequently given as a housewarming or engagement 3 (26)We found this beautiful salt box in France.  Dating around the 1860s, this piece is full of elaborate details and is one of our very favorite 4 (16)

If your looking for a thoughtful, unique engagement present or housewarming gift, stick with a tried and true English Tradition.  Trust us, you won’t find another one like this!